Fix Drag and Drop Issue - Resolved (Mac / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air)

3 min readJul 12, 2021


I have functionality for my trackpad set up similar to how you’re able to just tap without actually pressing down / “clicking”, since I have not always had mouse access… lol. You can try this out even if it might take some getting use to… but it’s really fast and I like it at least.. 😄:

You also need to go to the accessibility tab under system preferences and check these under “Trackpad Options…”:

I think this is just default but for reference below:

Again if you adjust to these settings… it’s almost like you’re trackpad is just like when you tap on your phone so you don’t have to press down unless you really wanted to. Give it a try and let me know, we can hop on a quick call too if you wanted to see all the great uses in action😆

The other tricks for drag a drop if you wanted to drag and drop multiple “Downloads” files is to drag and drop from the bottom of the screen and drag up and it will highlight multiple files at once…

Otherwise.. you can just single click or tap if you have the tap option fully enabled by holding down the “shift” key to select multiple files at once… or you could also hold down the “command” key and select multiple random files like this..

I think I have spent what seems like a couple hours researching each time I set up a new MacBook to resolve the trackpad issue for the drag and drop functionality, lol. Hopefully this makes it’s a little more pain free.

Just going to the accessibility tab might do it for ya tho to keep your other trackpad functionality the same outside of the drag and drop issue. You can tinker with the settings and see what your preference is.