About me, Week 2

  1. Do 100+ medium/hard code challenge problems from LeetCode, HackReactor, Codility, Project Euler, and Interview Cake.
  2. Learn X (like React) by building X from scratch.
  3. Pick a real customer who needs something built and build it for them from scratch, listening to all complaints and continuously improving it to meet your new customer demands.
  4. Do this: Is there a project your company is currently working on? What technologies are you currently using? Give me a few days to play with this. I’ll build a simple version of part of your company’s product.
  5. Think: What daily problems do they have? How can I clearly show them that I’d be the obvious choice to solve these problems?
  6. Requirement: careful research into the company, its products, the manager, the team people’s GitHubs, and business/industry news about the company and its competitors, etc.
  7. Anticipate: What is the manager worrying about now, without anyone telling you. Then show them a sample of your possible solution — — again, without anyone asking you. Show your flexibility about being able to take what someone tells you in a first phone interview and build something with it before the second.
  8. Have you done at least 100 tough problems from Codility or HackerRank?
  9. How many of you have actually read and coded from scratch through each example in a full book on JavaScript ( or any language)?
  10. How many of you know your language so well you can go to a whiteboard and teach us about it, with no notes?
  11. How many of you have fixed bugs and added features to popular open source projects on GitHub and talked to someone about it?
  12. How many have read a good book on good object-oriented design, like POODR?
  13. How many of you learn to write software tests and write tests for all code you write?
  14. How many of you have built your own version of react from scratch? How many of you learn X by building x from scratch?
  15. How many of you study protocols like http, tcp, oauth2, that the world uses, which haven’t changed for decades?
  16. How many of you can learn the basics of a new language/technology by next week and build something in it, with no course or teacher?
  17. If you can do most of this list, companies will absolutely be fighting to hire you. Yet most bootcamp grads do none of it.




Excited to learn, and even happier to teach.

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Excited to learn, and even happier to teach.

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