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PostgreSQL / PGAdmin

Creating Tables:

​CREATE TABLE phones (
​name VARCHAR(50),
​manufacturer VARCHAR(50),
​price INTEGER,
​units_sold INTEGER,

Inserting Data into Tables:

INSERT INTO phones (name, manufacturer, price, units_sold)
('N8', 'Nokia', 150, 7543),
('Droid', 'Motorola', 150, 8395),
('Wave S8500', 'Samsung', 175, 9259);

Filtering Records:


I’m currently pursuing a virtual internship opportunity with JPMorgan Chase to help them add stock monitoring functionality to a trader’s dashboard. Being apart of the software engineering team is hypothetical but something that I could be working with while on their development team.

I’m assisting with the development of an…

When we talk about recursion and computer science, we are talking about a function that calls itself. This type of technique is really good at certain problems because of its ability to maintain state at different levels of recursion.

One thing we want to be careful of with recursion is…

There are many types of graphs. However, certain characteristics allow us to describe graphs.

There are directed and undirected graphs. These types of graphs are useful for describing traffic flow (i.e. of some kind of a system in which movement is not bi-directional).

A good way to think about an…


Excited to learn, and even happier to teach.

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